So, what is talking AI digital signage, you ask.

Imagine that you have regular digital signage. The appearance is exactly the same, the difference being a small piece of hardware and some software that does the clever work.

A talking AI digital sign is able to talk to and interact with your users. It can chat with your user about almost anything and is able to give information about any of your products and services. Using very sophisticated AI technology it is able to understand the user (voice recognition) and is then able to engage using speech in a very interactive way. In simple terms, digital signage controlled by something like Siri, or Alexa.

Imagine being able to request information about a particular product, and as if by magic not only does the product appear on the screen, but the information about the product can be relayed by voice. It is possible to ask almost any question about the product and receive an answer. How is this achieved? The software is linked to an online content management system containing the software needed to be able to input information that gives the voice output. Updates are instant and content can be managed from any browser anywhere in the world and be updated instantly.

Additional features include the ability to use voice recognition in order to display any website, powerpoint presentation, image, video or interactive PDF. It is even possible to receive an instant PDF with more information by email whilst interacting with the screen.


Digital Signage For Motor Trade & Automotive


Why not use our talking AI digital signage to let your customers have the latest information that is relevant to their showroom visit. Customer experience is so important in every industry, especially in the automotive sector. Buying a car is one of the largest purchases that anyone will ever make and it is therefore very important that the customer feels that they have not only made made the right decision, but also the experience matches. Customers are better informed than ever before with so much technology available to them and it is even more important that their experience is a memorable one. Our AI signage is an opportunity to show off company branding and create a memorable experience.

Using voice recognition it is possible for the customer to view images, videos and presentations, as well as ask questions about the spec of any car. AI engagement is the key to success.

The reception area of any car showroom is very often its centrepiece, and also where the customer experience and engagement begins. Our talking receptionist signage provides a unique experience including seamless notifications that are enabled directly through the software

Let our AI digital signage be your best salesperson. Many customers do not like the ‘used car salesman’ approach. Our talking interactive displays enable any customer to find the correct vehicle for them with all the information they need at their fingertips.

Long waits at any dealership or service centre can make for unhappy customers. The availability of high-quality, affordable and interactive displays can reduce boredom and perceived wait times and add value to the customer experience.

Our dynamic, interactive and engaging talking digital signage can be updated regularly with fresh content via a CMS. Web-based maintenance and updates allows updates to be completed quickly and easily from anywhere.

The ease and instant updating your digital signage enables your business to tailor content specifically to both your location and clientele, adding value to the customer experience.

Buying a car should be an experience and car dealerships need to create an environment that grabs the attention of consumers that ultimately converts to sales. Our innovative experience can be incorporated to enhance and engage shoppers and by extending the digital solution beyond the showroom and into the waiting room and reception area you can boost sales using our AI digital signage solutions. Sales associates can even trigger screens to show content that is relevant to the demographic, all with the use of voice only.

Automobile parts stores that used to rely on printed manuals and parts books an now be displayed at will on our digital signage. Schematics and part information can be viewed instantly on demand using voice recognition retrieving the information quickly, and efficiently. The results are increased sales and enhanced customer satisfaction.

Digital Signage For Healthcare

The healthcare industry (from hospitals to veterinary practices and doctors surgeries) is one of the industries where our AI digital signage really excels and really add value to patient experience.

Patient experience is becoming more important to private and public organisations and our talking AI digital signage has almost become a necessity for patient engagement. Our talking digital signage provides superior engagement and ROI compared to conventional digital signage, enabling increased efficiency leading to an improved patient experience.

AI digital signage helps with Improved patient experience and alleviates anxiety and boredom as well as providing a perfect platform for announcing important health and safety information. Our AI Digital Signage makes wayfinding easy as everything can be programmed to respond to voice, enabling ease of use.

Our AI Digital signage is perfect for busy, high traffic environments such as dental surgeries. Digital Signage is really the modern replacement for fish tanks and magazines and used effectively is driving significant improvements in patient care, staff management, and inventory management ensuring patients and staff are receiving accurate information when and where they need it most. Digital Signage is the brand experience solution, promote services, events, and improvement of brand awareness and a source of revenue.

Digital Signage For Retail

As a retailer, Our AI Digital Signage engages with your customers, showing off state of the art technology and giving a unique physical in-store experience.

Many retail store layouts are complex and sometimes very difficult to understand. AI Digital signage wayfinding and store directory using voice recognition provides customers with a simple and interactive experience using unique and state of the art technology.

Using AI digital signage displays your products and helps customers choose which ones they might wish to purchase. Over seventy percent of purchases are made at the point of decision and digital signage placed within products offers a great way to influence which items your customers choose to buy as well as providing a magical experience.

It is important for customers to try to visualise products. Our digital signage brings products and brands to life and is able to show customers real-world uses of the products they are considering purchasing.

Our AI digital signage enables shoppers to see and receive detailed product information on screen. Products can be compared in a novel and compelling way that enables a truly engaging experience with AI technology at the core.

AI Signage draws customers into the retail experience with interactive and engaging digital signage retail solutions, increasing sales, operational efficiency and brand awareness. Embracing this new AI technology with a stable proven platform creates a seamless, and effective retail strategy leaving customers with a memorable, lasting and meaningful experience.

In an environment where retail shops are all fighting to get customers’ attention AI Digital Signage is at the forefront of a retail revolution as the benefits are being realised. This explosion of digital signage now means the technology is becoming more affordable, intuitive and common place. AI digital signage reduces waiting times and human inefficiency, as well as increasing better engagement with the customer overall.  

Our AI Digital signage helps greet shoppers, sets the mood and enhances the shopping experience.

Digital Signage For Gyms

Our AI Digital Signage Displays are able to entertain and inform gym members as they work out and are extremely effective as they have the benefit of a captive audience. By Keeping members engaged using highly targeted and relevant information it enrich the gym member’s experience and foster loyalty. Also, displaying entertaining information alongside gym rules and guidelines will increase exposure and retention as more eyeballs will be drawn to the gym screen.

Gym Digital Signage:

Personal trainer profiles

Class timetables


Welcome prospective members

Share success stories

Showcase social media

Play form videos for exercises

gym digital signage for exercise videos

Offer meal prep and gym digital signage for nutrition information

Interactive learning tool

Generating sponsorship revenue

Digital Signage For Transport

The transport sector has a large number of passengers all seeking information making Digital Signage screens a necessity. From bus stations to train stations and airports, information is essential for passenger flow.

Travellers need information and AI Digital Signage is also a good opportunity to inform viewers of information and optimise their experience. Digital signage enhances their travel experience.


Digital signage in terminal restaurants as well as other locations that can make for a safer and more secure environment, as well as aid the constant flow of traffic in the terminals.


The first thing for anyone visiting an airport or railway station needs to see is clear signage of where to go. Our AI digital signage can help any passanger find any location using voice recognition.


Cruise lines, have been keen to adopt digital signage and applications that provide information and advertisements. AI Digital Signage can help passengers with almost any request.

Digital Signage For Hospitality

The hospitality industry is undergoing a dramatic change as digital transformation is disrupting traditional business models.

As Hotel owners need to simplify display management our our AI digital signage offering is able to offer real time autonomous help in an engaging way. From live news and events to wayfinding, taxi service and a lot more our AI digital signage offers a customer experience that is encompasses all.

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